We’ve been busy..


July 7: Alexia Crockett passed her candidacy exam! Congratulations to Alexia!

June 24: Our book chapter on neuroinflammation, social stress, and mitochondrial function is published in the Neuroscience of Social Stress eBook. Read it here.

May 19: The Hollis Lab was awarded a COBRE CTT Target Faculty grant for 2022-2024!

May 13: Alexia Crockett wins honorable mention for best poster presentation at the Neurobiology of Stress workshop. Congratulations to Alexia!

Alexia in front of her poster

May 10: The Hollis lab attends and presents at the Neurobiology of Stress Workshop, hosted by our own PPN department!

The Lab enjoying the opening introduction

May 10: Erin Gorman-Sandler wins 2nd place for best poster presentation at Discover UofSC from the Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Catalyst poster competition! Congratulations to Erin!

May 8: Our seniors have graduated! Congratulations to Drew and Bre for all that they achieved during their time here at UofSC!

April 22: Bre Robertson and Drew Buoniconti received first place in their sections for best poster presentations at the Discover UofSC symposium! Congratulations to Bre and Drew!

April 22: The Hollis lab presents their work at Discover UofSC! Great job everyone!

From top left to bottom right: Erin, Drew, Alexia, and Bre

April 4: Alexia Crockett received an honorable mention for her NSF GRFP application. Congratulations to Alexia!

March 30: Erin Gorman-Sandler received an EBBS travel grant to attend the 2022 FENS meeting in Paris this summer. Congratulations to Erin!

January 16: Bre Robertson received a Magellan mini-grant for her research entitled Programming the postnatal mitochondrion for resiliency in the face of prenatal stress. Congratulations to Bre!


December 16: Erin Gorman-Sandler passed her comprehensive exam! Congratulations to Erin!

November 29: Drew Buoniconti received a Magellan Scholar and a Magellan mini-grant for her research entitled: Establishing the neural signature of social preference in Fmr1 mutant mice. Congratulations to Drew! Congratulations to Alexia as her graduate mentor!

November 19: Drew and Bre presented their research at UofSC’s Fall Showcase! Great job representing the lab!

Bre (foreground) answers questions from symposium reviewers

September 29: The Hollis lab joined the O2K network as a reference laboratory! Find us here

September 5: Erin Gorman-Sandler presented a poster at the EBBS meeting in Lausanne. Congratulations to Erin for a successful presentation!

Erin presents her data at EBBS

July 6: Alexia Crockett officially joined the lab! Welcome to the team, Alexia!

May 20: Erin Gorman-Sandler passed her candidacy exam! Congratulations to Erin!

May 17: Our commentary, “The Forced Swim Test: giving up on behavioral despair” was published in the European Journal of Neuroscience. Read it here:

May 10: Alexia Crockett joins the lab as a rotating graduate student! Welcome Alexia!

April 30: The Hollis Lab was awarded an ASPIRE II award as a collaborator with Drs. Mott and Welshhans!

January 6: Tyler Cox joins the lab for as a rotating graduate student! Welcome, Tyler

January 6: Drew Buoniconti joins the lab for as an undergraduate student volunteer! Welcome, Drew!


December 8: Bre was awarded a Magellan Apprentice and a Magellan Mini-grant to study mitochondrial function in our rodent postpartum depression model next semester! Congratulations, Bre and great job! Congratulations to Erin as her graduate mentor!

September 16: Jesseca Crawford joins the lab as a research specialist. Welcome Jesseca!

September 1: Daniel Joyner joins the lab as a research specialist. Welcome, Daniel!

August 25: Breanna Robertson joins the lab. Welcome, Bre!

July 27: The lab is awarded a VISN7 research development grant from the VA to study the role of mitochondrial function in Gulf War Illness!

July 16: Erin Gorman officially joins the lab as a graduate student. Welcome, Erin!

July 10: Our collaborative faculty pilot grant with Dr. McQuail was awarded to study the mitochondrial mechanisms in aging and nutrition!

June 3: The lab is awarded a USCAND pilot grant in collaboration with Drs. David Mott and Jessica Klusek to study the role of the amygdala in Fragile X Syndrome!

May 7: The lab is awarded an ASPIRE pilot grant to study the role of the mitochondrial function in postpartum depression!

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