We study the role of brain mitochondria in behavior

Our research aims to fully delineate how brain metabolism influences behaviors relevant to neurodevelopmental and psychiatric diseases.


We use rodents to investigate emotional and social behaviors that can model symptoms relevant to human disease


We measure mitochondrial function using high-resolution respirometry with the Oroboros system

Molecular Analyses

We perform various molecular measurements such as western blots, luciferase reporter assays, and quantitative pcr


July 7: Alexia Crockett passed her candidacy exam. Congratulations to Alexia!

June 24: Our book chapter on neuroinflammation, social stress, and mitochondrial function is published in the Neuroscience of Social Stress eBook. Read it here.

May 19: The Hollis Lab was awarded a COBRE CTT Target Faculty grant for 2022-2024!

May 13: Alexia Crockett wins honorable mention for best poster presentation at the Neurobiology of Stress workshop. Congratulations to Alexia!

May 10: Erin Gorman-Sandler wins 2nd place for best poster presentation at Discover UofSC from the Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Catalyst poster competition! Congratulations to Erin!

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